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250mg Indica Toffee Crunch Shatter Bars - Euphoria Extractions

Soothe mind and body gently, satisfying cravings at the same time with Euphoria's 250mg Indica THC Infused Toffee & Milk Chocolate Bar. Allow the rich, buttery sweetness pave the way for quiet tranquility from head to toe. THC chocolate therapy at its best.

  • 250mg indica-derived THC
  • Sweet milk chocolate and toffee
  • Gently calming
  • Satisfies cravings
  • Lab-tested purity
Brand: Euphoria Extractions
Strength: THC 250mg | CBD 0mg
Plant Type: Indica
Contents: 250mg bar has 24 pieces, 10.4mg per piece 500mg bar has 24 pieces, 20.8mg per piece

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Soothe mind and body gently while satisfying sweet cravings at the same time with Euphoria’s 250mg Indica THC Infused Toffee & Milk Chocolate Bar. As the rich, buttery sweetness of premium chocolate and English toffee melt over your tongue, feel a wave of gentle calming effects wash over you from head to toe as 250mg of pure indica-derived THC enters your system. Your racing thoughts will begin to quiet as your tense muscles relax with each indulgent bite. Keep bars stocked for when you need fast-acting comfort and relief from daily stress. The moderate THC dose helps ease anxiety, muscle tightness, and pain gently without sedation or impairment – just overall wellbeing. Let Euphoria satisfy your sweet tooth and soothe your spirit in one decadent bar.

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  • Sugar
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Whole Milk Powder
  • Unsweetened Chocolate
  • Soy Lecithin
  • Natural Vanilla Flavor
  • Chocolate Pieces
  • Milk Ingredients
  • Salt
  • Sunflower
  • Cannabis Extract
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  • Sugar sweetens
  • Cocoa butter provides creamy texture
  • Whole milk powder enriches with vitamins
  • Unsweetened chocolate flavors
  • Soy lecithin emulsifies
  • Natural vanilla flavor improves taste
  • Chocolate pieces provide crunch
  • Milk ingredients add creaminess
  • Salt seasons
  • Sunflower oil moisturizes
  • Cannabis extract relaxes
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