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50mg Green Apple Thc Indica Gummies - Kandy Kandy

Unwind gently with mouthwatering tart green apple perfectly complementing mild 50mg THC relaxation in Kandy Kandy’s Green Apple Vegan Gummies. Each chewy candy envelops your senses in tangy green apple flavor coupled with light, comforting euphoric effects for instant zen.

  • 50mg THC total
  • Tart green apple candy
  • Gentle relaxing effects
  • Low dose delivery at 10mg a piece
  • Made with real fruit
Brand: Kandy Kandy
Strength: THC 50mg | CBD 0mg
Plant Type: Indica
Contents: 50mg bag / 5 gummies per bag / 10mg per Gummy

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Relax mind and body gently with mouthwatering tart green apple flavors coupled with mild 50mg THC relaxation in Kandy Kandy's Green Apple Gummies. Each chewy candy envelops your senses in tangy green apple taste complemented by light euphoria for instant zen.

Made with real fruit juice, each gummy delivers tart, lip-smacking green apple flavor followed by a gentle sense of cannabis calm, perfect for taking the edge off a long day.

With precisely dosed 50mg THC total per pack, they provide a microdose of mellowing effects without sedation or impairment. The tangy green apple flavors make it easy to enjoy more gummies for increased relaxation.

Completely vegan, non-GMO and free from artificial flavors or colors, these gummies provide clean, fruit-inspired cannabis unwinding. And independent labs test for ideal THC levels and purity.

For those seeking mild fruit-flavored THC relaxation, Kandy Kandy’s green apple gummies gently chill you out. Allow the tart juicy apple tastes to pave the way to straightforward rest and tranquility.

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  • Cannabis Oil
  • Organic Sugar
  • Glucose
  • Natural Organic Flavours (Mango, Pineapple, Orange, Strawberry)
  • Annatto Seed
  • Beet Powder
  • Natural Colours from Turmeric & Hibiscus Flowers
  • Citric Acid
  • Potassium Sorbate
  • Pectin
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  • THC and CBD can modify cognition and perception
  • Organic sugar provides sweetness and energy
  • Pectin gives a chewy gummy texture
  • Fruit flavors improve taste and enjoyment
  • Colors make them visually vibrant
  • Preservatives maintain stability and shelf life
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