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Blue Zkittlez Indica 2G Vape Pen - Vape Ape

The Blue Zkittlez Indica 2G Vape Pen by Vape Ape features the rare and potent Blue Zkittlez strain, a cross between Blue Diamond and Zkittlez. Known for its addictive flavor and relaxing effects, this vape pen delivers a taste of sweet candy and citrus, enhanced with fresh berries and a hint of savory diesel. The effects begin subtly and build gradually, offering a deep relaxation that might lead you into a peaceful sleep, perfect for managing various ailments.

  • Up to 500 puffs per 2 G pen!
  • Ideal for treating depression, chronic pain and stress
Brand: Vape Ape
Strength: THC 2000mg | CBD 0mg
Contents: 2G THC Oil per pen

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The Blue Zkittlez Indica 2G Vape Pen by Vape Ape showcases the unique and powerful Blue Zkittlez strain, a hybrid creation derived from crossing Blue Diamond with Zkittlez. This vape pen is celebrated for its rare and irresistibly addictive flavor profile, combining the sweet zest of candy and citrus with the rich undertones of fresh berries and a subtle hint of savory diesel. The onset of effects is gentle, progressively enhancing to provide profound relaxation that may effortlessly transition you into a peaceful sleep. This makes it exceptionally effective for managing various ailments and ensuring a restful end to the day.

  • Features a compelling taste and aroma profile, blending sweet candy and citrus with hints of berries and a diesel finish, making each puff a delightful experience.
  • Each 2G pen is meticulously designed to offer up to 500 puffs, ensuring a durable and satisfying usage.
  • Particularly beneficial for individuals seeking relief from depression, chronic pain, and stress, this vape pen serves as a therapeutic tool for easing these conditions.
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  • Cannabis oil
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  • Cannabis oil can help with pain relief, anxiety and mental stress, uplift mood, and act as a sleep aid
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