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Birch + Fog is wellness reimagined. We are lifestyle collective catering to creative, forward thinking individuals who value self-care. We have dedicated the last five years to offering you plant- based, holistic health solutions, designed to elevate your mind, nourish your body, and enhance your perception of beauty, with zero compromise to quality. 

WE HAVE DONE OUR RESEARCH We know what works. We have done the research. We only offer carefully curated, premium quality products for daily use integration, as needed pain and anxiety relief, and as ritualistic agents, each once selected to address the plural dimensions of health, including your mental, physical, spiritual and environmental wellbeing. 

COMPREHENSIVE CATALOGUE At Birch + Fog, empowerment and an earth-friendly lifestyle share the space. We’re here to help you make the most of your valuable time. We encourage mindfulness and proactivity when it comes to how you look and feel from day to day. Our thoughtful, purpose driven process has helped us to develop a comprehensive catalogue featuring products to mediate your daily rituals and to promote healing, so you focus your attention on whatever fuels you. 

EXPERIENCE CONCIERGE Our trusted client care team is here to guide your online experience. We come equipped with industry leading knowledge, patience, and kindness. Birch + Fog highlights the latest in CBD and plant medicine research articles and news, sharing insights and user experiences, through our Fog Blog and Ambassador Program. 

OUR APPROACH Our house brand has been carefully crafted by listening to the needs of wellness seekers young and old, and to present you with the best of natural health and performance benefits, whether though capsules, tinctures, topicals, bath salts or teas. Our approach is gentle. We tread lightly. Accessible pricing and beautiful, conscious packaging may lead you to put your wellness secrets on display. 

WE GOT YOU COVERED Birch + Fog online shelves stock a wide array of customized solutions crafted with your wellness in mind, categorized by experience profiles you can relate to. We are, in essence, wellness delivered to your door. With a full-family of products in CBD care, face and body, sleep ease, weight management, and workout recovery to chronic pain relief and anxiety tamers, Birch + Fog has you and your four-legged friends covered.
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