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Detox Cbd Bath Bomb - Ritual

Purify skin while calming mind and spirit using Ritual’s Detox CBD bath bomb with 200mg clarifying hemp extract. This fizzy spa treatment cleanses, nourishes and soothes holistically.

  • Ritual Detox CBD bath bomb
  • 200mg clarifying hemp extract
  • Cleanses and nourishes skin
  • Soothes mind and spirit
  • Holistic spa-like experience
Brand: Ritual
Strength: THC 0mg | CBD 75mg
Contents: 75mg CBD per bath bomb

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Nourish your mind, body and spirit while purifying skin with Ritual’s Detox CBD Bath Bomb with 200mg Clarifying Hemp and Sweet Orange Essential Oil. This uplifting fizzy soak provides aromatherapeutic healing and rejuvenation all in one.

As the bath bomb bubbles and dissolves, it releases sweet orange’s cheerful aroma for simultaneously invigorating and centering vibes. At the same time, nano-emulsified CBD rapidly absorbs through your skin to ease stress and discomfort holistically.

Ritual expertly blends broad spectrum hemp with pure, therapeutic sweet orange essential oil. Together they uplift mood, ease tension, clarify thinking and promote inner harmony from head to toe.

The potent 200mg nano CBD concentration quickly alleviates discomforts while cleansing skin deeply. And sweet citrus aromatherapy benefits both mind and spirit, whisking away gloominess or negativity.

For those seeking an elevating holistic spa-like experience using natural ingredients, this CBD bath bomb delivers. Breathe in sweet citrus positivity as CBD restores equilibrium effortlessly.

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  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Citric acid
  • 1,2 propanediol
  • Helianthus annuus
  • Cocamidopropyl betaine
  • Sodium laurel sulfoacetate
  • Lavendula grosso
  • Salvia scalarea
  • Citrus uranium
  • Amara cannabidiol
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  • Sodium bicarbonate cleanses skin
  • Citric acid exfoliates skin
  • 1,2 propanediol moisturizes skin
  • Helianthus annuus oil nourishes skin
  • Cocamidopropyl betaine foams and cleanses
  • Sodium laurel sulfoacetate creates lather
  • Lavendula grosso oil calms and soothes
  • Salvia scalarea oil stimulates circulation
  • Citrus uranium oil energizes and uplifts
  • Amara cannabidiol provides pain relief
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