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Pennywise 1:1 Ratio Vape Cartridges - Kloud 9

Kloud 9's Pennywise strain 1:1 ratio CBD and THC Vape Pen Cartridges are specially formulated to promote balance and harmony between body and mind. Each tasty pull offers an equal ratio of CBD to THC, working synergistically together to provide the ultimate entourage effect. Feel a mellow, centered buzz from the uplifting sativa-dominant Pennywise strain, while CBD works to ease pain, reduce anxiety, and calm the mind. These disposable cartridges make it easy to find your optimal ratio anytime, anywhere. Just inhale, exhale, and float through your day in a state of calm equilibrium.

  • 1:1 ratio CBD to THC
  • Pennywise sativa-dominant strain
  • Promotes harmony of mind and body
  • Disposable and ready to use
  • Enjoy balanced, mellow effects
Brand: Kloud 9
Strength: THC 315mg | CBD 315mg
Contents: 315mg CBD / 315mg THC

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Achieve harmonious balance of mind, body and spirit with Kloud 9’s 1:1 ratio Pennywise CBD and THC Vape Pen Cartridges, uniting the renowned strain’s mellow sativa buzz with CBD’s soothing properties for the ultimate entourage wellness experience. Each pull provides an equal ratio of CBD to THC working synergistically to ease anxiety, pain and inflammation while keeping your equilibrium and focus aligned. Keep these equilibrium power tools close for microdosing all-day alignment of your energies. The premium oil ensures you’ll feel Pennywise’s relaxing yet motivating effects immediately and without ceiling. Let Kloud 9 unlock your highest functioning using cannabis extraction at its consciousness-elevating best.

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  • THC Distillate
  • CBD Distillate
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  • THC distillate induces relaxation
  • CBD distillate relieves pain
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