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Wedding Frost Hybrid Anytime Smoke - Herban Legends



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Treat yourself to expertly cured premium flower from Herban Legends's collection. These purple-tinged minty green buds provide a mellow mix of head and body effects perfect for creative pursuits and social gatherings.

Its smooth taste and moderate euphoric buzz gently lift your mood and awaken your imagination without sedation. Makes an excellent daytime strain for relieving stress or enhancing leisurely activities with friends.

  • Balanced, easygoing hybrid high
  • Gently enhances mood and creativity
  • Ideal for daytime use
  • 7 grams of top-shelf flower
  • Great for relieving stress and socializing
  • Provides a relaxed change of perspective
Brand: Herban Legends
Strength: THC 7000mg | CBD 0mg
Plant Type: Hybrid
Contents: 7 Gram premium cannabis per can

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Find your perfect mind/body sweet spot with our Hazy Afternoon hang-dried hybrid buds from Herban Legends. These fluffy lime green and purple flowers blend focused sativa energy with relaxing indica body effects for harmonious balance. Their complex flavor and mellow potency makes them perfect for sharing good times from sunrise to sunset.

Our master growers carefully cultivate a proprietary mix of stimulating sativas like Durban Poison and Sour Diesel blended with calming indicas like Skywalker OG and Northern Lights. Hand trimming and expert hang drying intensifies their lush flavors and balanced cannabinoid profiles.

Enjoy sociable creativity and relaxed focus with these connoisseur buds any time of day. Their moderately high 18% THC content delivers just the right dose of euphoria for staying active and engaged. The bud structure burns evenly for smooth, flavorful hits from first puff to last.

Harmonize your mind and body from A. M. to P. M. with a helping hand from Hazy Afternoon's buds. Their hybrid effects infuse any activity with positive energy, creativity, and comfort. Roll one up and enjoy the perfect buzz for living in the moment.

  • Harmonious sativa/indica blend
  • Balanced cannabinoid profile
  • 18% THC
  • Enjoyable any time of day
  • Premium hang-dried buds
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  • Hybrid cannabis flower
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  • Hybrid cannabis flower offers a blend of therapeutic effects
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