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Watermelon 1:1 Ratio Gummy Blokk - Kandy Kandy

Keep your high functional and relaxing with Kandy Kandy’s mouthwatering watermelon 1:1 THC:CBD gummies, fusing 300mg of THC and CBD. These gummies align mind and body gently.

  • Kandy Kandy watermelon 1:1 gummies
  • Mouthwatering juicy flavor
  • 37.5mg of THC and CBD per dose
  • Moderate and relax effects
  • Promote mind-body alignment
Brand: Kandy Kandy
Strength: THC 300mg | CBD 300mg
Contents: 300mg of THC and 300mg of CBD per package 37.5 mg of CBD and THC in each divisible dose 8 doses per package

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Moderate your high into gentle relaxation with the juicy watermelon flavor and balancing 1:1 THC:CBD ratio in Kandy Kandy's cannabis gummies. Each piece delivers equal doses of THC and CBD, working synergistically to align mind and body. CBD smooths out THC's intensity while THC amplifies CBD's soothing properties. Feel this special fusion relax the body while leaving your head clear and focused. Physical and mental tension unwind in perfect harmony. The mouthwatering melon candy taste makes achieving this state of alignment and moderation an enjoyable treat. Maintain functionality while still enjoying mellow euphoria.

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  • CBD cannabis extracts/oils
  • sugar
  • glucose syrup
  • purified water
  • pectin
  • citric acid
  • MCT Oil
  • sunflower lecithin (emulsifier)
  • natural flavour & colour
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  • CBD provides therapeutic benefits
  • Sugar naturally sweetens
  • Glucose syrup binds ingredients together
  • Purified water creates tincture base
  • Pectin gives gummy texture
  • Citric acid adds tart flavor
  • MCT oil aids CBD absorption
  • Sunflower lecithin emulsifies oil and water
  • Natural flavors & colors enhance taste and appearance
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