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250mg Indica Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Vegan Shatter Bars - Euphoria Extractions

Relax your body and mind fully with the substantial relaxation of Euphoria's 250mg Indica THC Infused Sugar-Free Vegan Dark Chocolate. This 70% chocolate therapy combines deep, earthy flavors with powerful indica THC extracts. Unwind and feel tension melt away bite after decadent bite.

  • 250mg indica-derived THC
  • Sugar free 70% dark chocolate
  • Potent full-body relaxation
  • Vegan + All natural ingredients
  • Third party lab tested
Brand: Euphoria Extractions
Strength: THC 250mg | CBD 0mg
Plant Type: Indica
Contents: 250mg bar has 24 pieces, 10.4mg per piece 500mg bar has 24 pieces, 20.8mg per piece

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Unwind your body and quiet your mind fully with Euphoria’s rich, earthy 250mg Indica THC nfused Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate. This relaxing chocolate therapy blends deep 70% cacao flavors with highly bioavailable THC extract for potent tranquility in every bite.

The semisweet chocolate melts slowly over your tongue, releasing magnified flavors and effects. Pure CBD delivers long-lasting therapeutic tranquility by binding to receptors rapidly all over your system. Feel tension melt away as heavy relaxation washes over you.

Euphoria infuses artisanal bean-to-bar chocolate with calming terpenes and THC to achieve supremely centering entourage benefits. This therapeutic remedy eases stress, pain, inflammation and anxiety.

Their 250mg THC concentration promotes relief from discomforts and racing thoughts while the sugar-free chocolate provides focused energy to fuel a restful evening or productive day.

For those seeking serious plant-powered comfort and tranquility, this shatter bar will quickly become a part of your daily routine. Reach a relaxed state of bliss with each rich, vegan bite.

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  • Unsweetened Chocolate
  • Maltitol (a natural sweetener)
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Emulsified Soy Lecithin
  • Natural Vanilla Flavouring
  • Cannabis Extract
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  • Unsweetened chocolate provides flavor
  • Maltitol sweetens with low glycemic impact
  • Cocoa butter gives creamy texture
  • Emulsified soy lecithin allows ingredients to blend
  • Natural vanilla flavor improves taste
  • Cannabis extract relaxes
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