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Grape Thc Lollipops - Mota



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Relax your mind and muscles with sweet grape candy flavor enhancing the mellow buzz of Mota’s soothing indica THC lollipops. Tasty grape meets tranquil effects in these hard candy treats.

  • Mota grape indica THC lollipops
  • Sweet, nostalgic grape flavor
  • Provide a mellow buzz
  • Relax the mind and muscles
  • Candy meets cannabis benefits
Brand: Mota
Strength: THC 150mg | CBD 0mg
Contents: 150mg of THC per Lollipop

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Unwind your mind and body gently with sweet nostalgic grape candy flavor amplifying a relaxing indica buzz in Mota's Grape Indica THC Lollipops. These hard candies deliver a burst of juicy grape goodness complementing a calming 10mg THC dose in each piece. They provide a delicious way to soothe your thoughts and muscles with mellowing cannabis effects.

The sweet grape taste stimulates your senses, immersing you in pleasant flavor as the THC rapidly absorbs sublingually. You'll soon feel its relaxing properties take hold, releasing muscle tension and quieting your thoughts. A soothing head-to-toe buzz washes over you perfect for easing stressful thoughts or unwinding at day's end.

The indica-dominant THC provides full-body relaxation without strong sedative effects. And the enjoyment of savoring the sweet candy flavor enhances the mildly euphoric experience. Mota's Grape THC Lollipops offer a nostalgic treat that mellows and unwinds your mind and body gently.

Indulge in soothing grape candy relaxation anytime. The sweet flavor profile perfectly complements the calming indica effects from the premium THC oil. Whether winding down in the evening or finding midday zen, these delicious infused lollipops deliver tranquil vibes with tasty grape goodness.

Treat yourself to temporary tranquility in tasty hard candy form. Mota’s Grape THC Lollipops unite soothing cannabis benefits with juicy grape candy flavor for a nostalgic, mellowing cannabis experience.

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  • Organic Cane Sugar
  • Isomalt
  • Cannabis Extract
  • Natural Flavour and Colour
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  • Organic cane sugar is a natural sweetener
  • Isomalt sweetens with a low glycemic response
  • Cannabis extract provides CBD/THC
  • Natural flavor and color improves taste and look without artificial ingredients
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