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Citrus Menthol CBD Lozenges 500mg - Natuur

Natuur's Citrus Menthol Lozenges are a breath of fresh air for your coughing discomfort. These drops combine premium CBD, propolis, Zinc, and Vitamin D with an invigorating citrus zest and cool menthol flavour. Enjoy the soothing and revitalizing benefits of Citrus Menthol CBD Lozenges today.

  • Experience rapid cough relief
  • Refreshing taste, revitalizing feel
  • Convenient and portable everyday essential
Brand: Natuur
Strength: THC 0mg | CBD 500mg
Contents: 20 pieces per bag / 25mg CBD per lozenge

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Natuur's Citrus Menthol CBD Lozenges combine a carefully selected blend of propolis, Zinc, and vitamin D. These drops are crafted with high quality CBD, menthol, and refreshing citrus. Containing premium CBD renowned for its potential to alleviate discomfort and promote relaxation, providing you with much-needed relief from coughing. The refreshing citrus flavors not only add a burst of taste but also offer potential throat-soothing properties, making each drop a delightful experience.Menthol provides a soothing and cooling sensation, further easing throat irritation and enhancing the overall effectiveness of these cough drops.Experience the combined benefits of these carefully selected ingredients in each drop and say goodbye to coughing discomfort.

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  • Glucose syrup
  • Distilled Water
  • Lactic Acid
  • Citric Acid
  • Citrus Oil
  • Menthol
  • Natural Flavour
  • Natural Colour
  • Zinc
  • Propolis

  • Vitamin D

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  • Glucose syrup: Provides quick energy and helps with rapid absorption.
  • Distilled Water: Ensures purity and freshness without added impurities.
  • Lactic Acid: Helps regulate acidity levels for balanced taste and preservation.
  • Citric Acid: Adds a tangy flavor and acts as a natural preservative.
  • Honey: Offers natural sweetness and potential health benefits, including soothing effects on the throat.
  • Lemon oil: Contributes a refreshing citrus flavor and may provide antioxidant properties.
  • Natural Flavour: Enhances the overall taste experience with authentic and wholesome flavors.
  • Natural Colour: Provides visual appeal without artificial additives, ensuring a natural product.
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