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$200 Gift Card - ($260 Value Potential)

Give the gift of wellness with a Birch + Fog Gift Card!

This coupon entitles the bearer to:

  • Full Value of card towards any merchandise from any brand!
  • Use in combination with any offer, sale, coupon or promotion - its as good as cash!
  • Fully transferrable, makes a perfect e-gift!
  • Combines with each of our first time user offers as well:
  • + $15 Free ground shipping (if you purchase the 125$ or the 200$ card)!
  • + $15 off first order (if first time customer!) †details
  • + $15 x 2 (for the giver and the receiver) any first time customer with referral from any existing member ‡details
  • = $260 total value when you purchase the 200$ gift card and give it to a NEW CUSTOMER!

Simply click any gift card in the selection below for specific details regarding applicable offers and corresponding value calculations.

†Please note that this product is a virtual gift e-card (coupon)

‡Not redeemable for cash

Brand: Birch + Fog
Strength: THC 0mg | CBD 0mg
Contents: $200

Get 15$ off your order with any referral!
Redeem referrals for cash or product!
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Treat your favorite cannabis enthusiast to a gift that keeps on giving with this thoughtfully generous $200 Cannabis Gift Card.

This gift card can be redeemed for savings on every cannabis product imaginable. With no restrictions on how to spend it, the lucky recipient gets to fill their stash while taking advantage of major dollar discounts. It's the perfect grab-and-go gift for the cannabis lover who seemingly has it all.

Watch their eyes light up as they receive a gift card stuffed with serious cannabis savings. No guessing at sizes, colors or preferences - they get to pick out exactly what they want while saving major cash. And with up to $260 redeemable towards future purchases, the thoughtful gift keeps delighting long after the initial gift.

For birthdays, holidays, anniversaries or any occasion, this gift card is sure to bring joy to the recipient each time they use their savings. Give the gift that gives back over and over while spreading holiday cheer in a unique way.

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  • Digital Giftcard
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  • Digital gift card allows flexible spending
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