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Preppy Pineapple Indica Thc Gummies - Willo

Relax into a deep, restorative sleep with these 20mg THC indica pineapple gummies. Sugar-coated pellets that provide pain relief and robust full-body effects.

  • Aids deep, restful sleep
  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Bursting pineapple flavor
Brand: Willo
Strength: THC 200mg | CBD 0mg
Plant Type: Indica
Contents: 200mg THC per bag / 10 gummies per bag / 20mg THC per gummy

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Drift gently into relaxation with each juicy tropical bite of our Pineapple Indica THC Gummies. Expertly infused with premium cannabis oil, these chewy cubed treats feature succulent pineapple flavors complemented by deeply calming effects. Allow the sweet tangy juice and lazy island vibes to transport you to peaceful shores.

Each gummy contains 10mg of pure THC distillate expertly extracted from West Coast indica flower. Soothing varietals like Northern Lights and Skywalker OG offer tranquil, sedative properties without strong psychoactivity. An infusion of pineapple terpenes replicates pineapple’s tropical aroma and enhances the relaxing qualities.

Bite into sunshine and serenity with these skillfully crafted, fruit-flavored THC treats. The juicy tart pineapple essence supplies tropical flavor while the full-body effects melt away stress and tension from head to toe. Let the mouthwatering taste and cannabis tranquility carry you away.

Escape from the daily grind with our delicious Pineapple Indica THC Gummies. Their relaxing island vibes and bold pineapple flavors offer a quick tropical vacation with just one sweet chewy bite. Aloha!

  • Pineapple flavored THC gummies
  • 10mg indica-dominant THC oil
  • Deeply relaxing effects
  • Tropical pineapple essence
  • Delicious fruit edible escape
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  • Sugar
  • Glucose
  • Water
  • Gelatin
  • Sorbitol
  • Lab-tested CO2 full spectrum oil
  • Pineapple flavouring oil
  • Citric acid
  • Potassium sorbate
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  • Sugar sweetens
  • Glucose syrup binds
  • Water moistens
  • Gelatin gives chewy texture
  • Sorbitol sweetens
  • Full spectrum oil provides entourage effect
  • Pineapple flavor improves taste
  • Citric acid adds tang
  • Potassium sorbate preserves
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