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Mint Phoenix Tears - Kloud 9

Experience cannabis' entourage effect easily with the purity of THC complemented by refreshing peppermint flavor in Kloud 9’s Mint 1000mg THC Phoenix Tears. Just swallow desird dosage to feel the full benefits of whole plant power.

  • 1000mg THC per syringe
  • Soothing peppermint flavor
  • Pure, unfiltered effects
  • Entourage benefits
  • Discreet, precisely dosed
Brand: Moonwalker
Strength: THC 1000mg | CBD 0mg
Contents: 1ml Syringe contains 653.3mg THC / 20.3mg CBD / 10.5mg CBG

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Harness the full benefits of whole plant power easily with Kloud 9's Peppermint 1000mg THC Phoenix Tears. This discreet dispenser unites highly concentrated, unfiltered THC oil with refreshing peppermint flavor for optimal delivery of cannabis' gifts.

The peppermint taste dances across your tongue before dissolving, stimulating your senses as ultra-pure THC enters your system rapidly. Feel its holistic properties embrace your entire being with relaxing entourage effects within minutes.

Kloud 9 uses premium RSO and natural mint extract to achieve maximum entourage activity without additives diluting the effects. Enjoy the power of full plant synergy led by THC's far-reaching therapeutic benefits.

With perfectly customizable THC dosing, this oil taps into cannabis' full potential swiftly and effectively when you need it most. The soothing minty flavor makes the experience even more enjoyable and refreshing. Access the full spectrum easily.

For those seeking convenient, consistent access to plant power, this oral delivery device delivers. Minty refreshment paves the way to experiencing cannabis' gifts to their fullest potential holistically.

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  • Grade A THC Rick Simpson Oil
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  • Grade A THC oil provides concentrated psychoactive benefits
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