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Shatter Toronto - Euphoria Extractions, Opulence
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Shatter Bars Toronto

What Are Shatter Bars?

Cannabis 101

Shatter on scale Before diving into the city's top shatter bars, let's go over some cannabis 101 about these products. Shatter refers to a glass-like cannabis concentrate made through extraction and distillation processes using solvents like butane or CO2. The result is a translucent, brittle "shatter" that packs a powerful punch of THC and terpenes. Shatter gets its name from the way it shatters when broken. It has high THC levels ranging from 70-90% or more. This makes it much more potent than traditional cannabis flower. Shatter provides fast-acting effects when dabbed or vaped. It also captures the flavor profiles of cannabis strains more intensely. Shatter bars allow you to easily break off or snap pieces to use for dabbing or vaping. The purity and potency make shatter an appealing choice for cannabis connoisseurs looking for a powerful high.

Popular shatter consistencies beyond glass-like shatter include: Shatter bars refer to measured quantities of shatter concentrate sold in bar form for easy dosing and convenience. Let's look at places to find top-grade shatter bars in Toronto.

Benefits of Shatter Bars

Shatter bars offer several advantages over other marijuana concentrates: The simplicity of the shatter format gives you unmatched control over serving sizes. Break off exactly how much you need for the experience you want.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, here is our list of the top dispensaries for buying shatter bars in Toronto:

The Best Shatter Bars in Toronto

Toronto has seen a boom in cannabis shops and lounges opening up since legalization in 2018. Among the wide variety of cannabis products now available are shatter bars. These potent cannabis concentrates offer a smooth and flavorful experience. Here's a look at some of the top spots in Toronto to find high-quality shatter bars:

1. Nova Cannabis - 499 Queen St W

As one of Toronto's original cannabis dispensaries, Nova Cannabis carries all the best products including top-shelf shatter bars. Their in-house extraction team produces high quality shatter with powerful, well-rounded effects. Nova Queen West always has a wide selection of strains in stock, often with special deals on multiple bar packs.

2. Tokyo Smoke - 333 Yonge St

The upscale Tokyo Smoke dispensary lives up to its reputation with premiere shatter and attentive staff. Test results for their house shatter confirm potent THC levels above 85%. Tokyo Smoke offers a rotating menu of tantalizing shatter flavors like Gelato, Pink Kush and Blue Dream. Regular visits are recommended to try their latest creations.

3. Canna Cabana - 435 Yonge Street

Canna Cabana operates as a high volume discount cannabis retailer, but still manages to stock top-notch products. Their house shatter provides amazing value, testing at above 80% THC for less than other dispensaries. They also carry shatter bars from reputable third-party growers. Budget-minded buyers should have Canna Cabana as their go-to dispensary.

4. Sessions Cannabis

Sessions Cannabis is a small chain of licensed cannabis shops with locations across Toronto. Their stores offer a rotating selection of shatter bars from various Canadian extract brands. Popular options include bars from Greybeard Cannabis, a leader in solventless concentrates made through mechanical separation processes. Their GMO Cookies Live Terp Sauce bars contain a whopping 86% THC along with a full flavor profile. Other top shatter bars found at Sessions include flavors from Big like Strawberry Jerry or Stinky Pinky shatter. Their in-house brand also offers flavored shatter bars in nerds rope and other candy profiles. Sessions staff are knowledgeable about products and happy to make recommendations for first-time users or shatter connoisseurs.

5. The Hunny Pot

Operating out of a bright, inviting retail space in downtown Toronto, The Hunny Pot has one of the city's top selections of shatter bars and cannabis concentrates in general. They regularly feature shatter bar flavors from Greybeard, Big, and other leading concentrate brands. Standouts include Greybeard's Mandarin Mint live resin shatter withbursting citrus and fresh mint notes. The Hunny Pot also offers its own house line of Hunnypot Shatter Bars in strain-specific options like Blueberry, Girl Scout Cookies, and more. Their shatter bars deliver powerful highs thanks to THC levels like 87% for their house Trop Cookies bar. Beyond shatter, The Hunny Pot also sells other forms of cannabis concentrates. Their staff stays informed on the latest products to provide guidance to both new and experienced users.

6. Birch + Fog

Following an online dispensary model, Birch + Fog serves Toronto customers through convenient mail order marijuana service. In addition to dried flower, edibles, and more, we provide an extensive selection of potent shatter bar concentrates. Our lineup includes:

Shatter bars come in various flavors and strengths to suit different tastes and needs. Options include:

Sativa Shatter Bars

Made with premium Belgian chocolate, sativa bars provide an energizing, creativity-enhancing head high. Flavors include:

Strengths range from 250mg to 1200mg THC.

Indica Shatter Bars

Indica bars feature relaxing, sedating effects perfect for chilling out or sleep issues. Flavors include:

Vegan Dark Chocolate Shatter Bars

For those avoiding animal products, vegan dark chocolate shatter bars come in mint and original flavors with 250mg or 500mg THC.

The bars we carry contain between 250mg to 1200mg THC.

The brands we partner with have top quality control and manufacturing processes, and these are the best in the business:

Birch + Fog has detailed product descriptions and photos to help choose the perfect shatter bar. Plus customers can access discounts and rewards through our membership program.

While operating as an online dispensary, Birch + Fog still offers knowledgeable support by phone and email to help customers find the right products. Our delivery service makes quality shatter easily accessible across the city.

Factors to Consider When Buying Shatter

Several key factors determine shatter quality:

Explore Toronto's Variety of Potent Shatter Products

Shatter bars provide one of the most powerful and versatile cannabis experiences possible. We hope this guide gives you a full overview of shatter's benefits and how to access top-quality products from the city's best dispensaries. Try out the different strains and enjoy finding your perfect shatter experience.

Using Shatter Bars Safely

The high THC content of shatter means you need to take certain precautions: It’s also important to pay close attention to local public consumption rules to avoid issues.

Finding the Best Shatter Deals in Toronto

Shatter on scale

Take advantage of these money-saving tips for getting top value on your shatter purchases:

With the right techniques, you can stock up on premium shatter in Toronto without breaking the bank.


Thanks to Canada's cannabis legalization, Torontonians now have access to myriad high-quality, lab-tested shatter bars and cannabis concentrates. Leading extract producers like Euphoria Extractions, Opulence, and Pure Extracts make superb solvent-based and solventless shatter bars available in myriad strains and flavors. Cannabis shops like Sessions, The Hunny Pot, and others stock these top shatter bar brands. Online dispensaries like Birch + Fog also carry and deliver top shatter concentrates. Whether shopping locally or ordering online, Toronto offers ample options for finding flavorful shatter bars.
We have an incredible wealth of information in the tabs above, listed in point form Q & A to help answer any questions you could possibly have in regards to this category of cannabis products. If you would like to read even more information, please check out the Fog Blog where we make entire articles about the most important aspects of how to benefit from cannabis products safely and effectively, as well as ideas for how to get the most from your experience in our store, and with respect to your use of THC & CBD products. We have also created a beginners guide to help you along your journey to wellness and listed it below for your convenience:
Getting started with Shatter Edibles | A Beginners Guide

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