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CBD Chocolate Dosage

Lexie Livingston
April 4, 2022

CBD has become well-known in recent years as a result of its numerous health advantages. However, it is also notorious for not tasting the best. The strong hemp flavor of CBD oil is more often tolerated than enjoyed by users. On the other hand, most people thoroughly enjoy a piece of creamy, rich chocolate. Chocolate actually has some pretty outstanding health advantages of its own. This is why the two go together so well! With CBD chocolate Canada, you’ll receive the delectable taste of chocolate together with all of the benefits of CBD.

However, being so tasty can tempt you to eat an entire bar, which could result in some unintended effects. In this article, we’ll explain the details of determining your specific CBD chocolate dosage. But first, let’s take a look at some of the basics.

What is CBD Chocolate Canada?

CBD chocolate is exactly what it sounds like: active CBD or full-spectrum hemp extract in milk or dark chocolate. CBD chocolates come in a variety of flavors, combinations, and potencies. For example, you will find CBD vegan chocolate, organic CBD chocolate, and chocolate with THC and CBD (including various ratios of both). Taking it a step further, you will find various chocolate based food products on the market, such as CBD and THC infused chocolate milk, CBD and THC chocolate cake, and even CBD and THC chocolate candy.

CBD chocolate has two active ingredients:

  • CBD (cannabidiol): CBD is the key active element in the hemp plant. It's what gives cannabis its calming, anxiolytic, analgesic, and mood-supporting effects.
  • Cacao: The seed of the cacao tree, Theobroma cacao, is known as cacao. They are responsible for giving chocolate products their dark, bitter flavor. A combination of potent antioxidants, tryptophan, trace minerals, and theobromine, a stimulating alkaloid akin to coffee, make up the active components.

The best CBD chocolate is created from a combination of active cacao seeds and cacao pod oil, as well as dairy products, sugar or other sweeteners, and other spices or flavoring compounds. The sweeter the chocolate, the more sugar and dairy it contains. The darker types of chocolate, which include a higher concentration of cacao, provide the most health advantages of cacao and CBD. This type of chocolate is more bitter, but it provides far more health advantages than sugary milk chocolate which lacks many of the energizing properties, trace minerals, tryptophan, and antioxidants that make chocolate so nutritious.

For more information on the health benefits of cacao, click here.

Chocolate is an excellent CBD delivery vehicle for three reasons:

  • Chocolate has a high fat content, which aids CBD absorption through the digestive tract.
  • Chocolate includes theobromine, a moderate stimulant similar to caffeine. Thus, CBD chocolate effects include an added benefit of reducing mental weariness and exhaustion.
  • The grassy taste of hemp extracts is readily hidden by the chocolate flavor, which helps to disguise the taste that some people dislike.

Astonishing CBD Chocolate Effects

Because dark chocolate is the most anandamide-rich plant food on the planet, it has improved efficacy as a CBD consumable when infused with CBD-rich hemp extract. Anandamide, sometimes known as the "bliss molecule," is a neurotransmitter produced spontaneously in the brain. An enzyme in the body called Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase (FAAH) ordinarily breaks down anandamide quickly, but CBD suppresses this enzyme's activity, prolonging the pleasurable effects of anandamide in your system. It's no surprise that chocolate with THC and CBD makes you feel so amazing!

If you're interested in learning more about anandamide and it's ability to stimulate a sense of happiness and mental wellness, click here.

What is an Appropriate Dosage for CBD Chocolate Canada?

The most common CBD chocolate dosage is 20-40mg per dose, which can be repeated 2-4 times per day, depending on your needs. A word of caution, however, is to not consume dark chocolate too late in the day because the stimulants in chocolate can make it difficult to sleep later. A typical dosage will vary from person to person. The appropriate dose for you will be influenced by factors such as your weight, your specific sensitivity to CBD, and the intensity of the benefits you want.

The amount of CBD in a chocolate bar can also vary quite a bit from product to product. You may come across goods with concentrations as low as 40 mg per bar or as high as 300 mg per bar. Obviously, depending on the potency of the chocolate bar you're using, the amount of chocolate you should ingest to achieve your desired dose will vary.

Calculating the amount of CBD per piece is the easiest way to determine the dose. For example, each piece of a CBD chocolate bar containing 200 mg of CBD will supply roughly 20 milligrams of CBD (200 mg/10 pieces = 20 mg/piece). Ingest two pieces if your goal is to take 40 mg. Take one and a half pieces if you want 30 mg.

When it comes to determining a CBD chocolate dosage, or any CBD edible for that matter, this is a good breakdown:

  • 5-10mg: This amount is suitable for those who are new to CBD or who are aware that only a small amount is required to produce an impact.
  • 20-30mg: This is about the typical suggestion for a single serving.
  • +50mg: This would be a substantial serving size.


Where Can you Buy CBD Chocolate?

The best CBD chocolate can be found online exclusively at Birch + Fog. Here, you will find the highest quality chocolate with THC and CBD delivered fast and easy, straight to your doorstep. We carry organic CBD chocolate as well as options for CBD vegan chocolate. Each and every product has undergone extensive testing through third-party independent labs, verifying purity and potency. Keep reading for some of our customer favorites!

1 Vegan CBD Dark Chocolate Bar | Chocolit -Overall Best/Top Vegan Friendly, Editor’s Choice

2 CBD Hot Chocolate | Faded Edibles -Premium Quality Ingredients

3 CBD Milk Chocolate Bar | Chocolit -Best Novice Friendly CBD Milk Chocolate


1 Vegan CBD Dark Chocolate Bar | Chocolit

This CBD vegan chocolate bar contains premium full-spectrum CBD combined with ethically sourced chocolate. It is made with simple and whole ingredients that are 100% animal friendly. Each bar contains true strength and lab tested cannabis with 500mg of CBD split into 24 individual pieces. With full-spectrum CBD oil as the first ingredient, you’ll receive all the best CBD chocolate effects with the entourage effect.


  • Ethically sourced chocolate
  • Simple and whole ingredients
  • 500mg of CBD per bar


  • Manufactured in a facility that also handles tree nuts, peanuts, gluten, soy, and dairy


  • 100% animal friendly ingredients
  • Full-spectrum CBD oil is the first ingredient
  • Lab tested

Customer Experience:

Chocolit is a reputable and trustworthy brand in the CBD chocolate industry. Customers enjoy their product variations, including chocolate with CBD and THC, ratio products, flavored products, and a customer favorite, chocolate covered Oreos. Verified buyers report feeling relaxed after eating just one square of their vegan CBD dark chocolate bar


2 CBD Hot Chocolate | Faded Edibles

New to Birch + Fog is this cozy hot chocolate beverage from Faded Edibles. It contains only lab-tested ingredients and is made in Canada.  Each serving contains 50mg CBD isolate in a velvety, rich cocoa and mini marshmallows. It is perfect for those who want to avoid THC or are sensitive to its effects. The recommended starting dose for new users is half a serving or 25mg.


  • 50mg of CBD isolate per serving
  • Velvety, rich cocoa with mini marshmallows
  • Contains no THC


  • Users may find it difficult to measure dosage in powder form


  • Contains only lab-tested ingredients
  • Made in Canada
  • Contains 100mg of CBD per bag

Customer Experience:

Customers enjoy the rich taste of this beverage, reporting that it tastes like a melted chocolate bar. With one serving, they report that they felt very relaxed while their anxiety and chronic pain was alleviated. Verified buyers use this as a nighttime beverage to unwind and promote a deep, restful sleep.

3 CBD Milk Chocolate Bar | Chocolit

There's nothing more we love than chocolate that has feel-good benefits too. CHOCOLIT has infused their best-selling Classic Milk Chocolate Bar with premium full-spectrum CBD to help you with sleep, pain, and just a daily dose of stress relief when you need it most. CHOCOLIT combines true strength and Lab Tested cannabis with the finest Ethically Sourced chocolate, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of CBD in a delicious way. Each bar is made with simple, whole ingredients and contains 500mg CBD.


  • Minimal effects of THC
  • Contains pure Full Spectrum CBD
  • 500mg of CBD per bar


  • not great for those highly sensitive to THC


  • Ideal for new CBD users
  • Combats insomnia, pain, stress, anxiety, appetite loss, inflammation, and nausea

Customer Experience:

Customers rave about the delicious taste and subtle yet powerful effects, without being overpowering. Users report that there is minimal CBD taste and that one serving helps combat arthritis pain.



As with any other form of CBD, there is no standard CBD chocolate dosage. It’s important to consider factors such as your weight, your sensitivity to CBD, the ailment you are treating, and the results you are seeking. Start low and slow, gradually increasing your dose until you reach the desired effects. The above listed products are some of our customer’s favorites. To shop our entire collection of delicious chocolate products, simply click here! When you buy CBD chocolate from Birch + Fog, you’re getting the highest quality ingredients, backed by independent lab tests, guaranteed!

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