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Best CBD For Anxiety Guide - Everything You Should Know in 2024

Olivia St James
July 26, 2022

Anxiety patients frequently experience life-threatening sensations and unpleasant thoughts. After an anxiety attack, a person may feel fatigued, making it difficult to carry on with their normal activities.

Although anxiety attacks are symptoms of an anxiety disorders, they are not the only ones. A person suffering from this illness may also have physical symptoms such as muscular soreness, headaches, tension, and mental discomforts.

Due to the nature of anxiety disorders, several treatment options are employed, ranging from therapy to prescription medicine. And owing to each person's unique case, certain therapies may not provide beneficial outcomes, and in the case of medication, side effects might be expected.

CBD and other cannabinoids, such as THC, have emerged as an alternative treatment for those seeking a more natural approach with minimal to no adverse effects.

In our anxiety beginner´s guide, we cover topics that can help you get a clear start when choosing to supplement with CBD and other cannabis products that have proven beneficial outcomes for anxiety.


What are the benefits of CBD and THC for anxiety?

Anxiety becomes a mental disorder when the person's neural functions have become overly sensitive perceiving threat where there is not, and affecting their daily routine.

Experts cannot pinpoint exactly what is the cause of anxiety disorders, but they know that factors or a combination of them can influence the disorder, for example, life experiences (traumas), coping skills, parental inheritance, substance abuse, chemical imbalance in the brain, and stress.

Nevertheless, experts have been able to determine areas of the brain that are involved or are active during anxiety episodes. Neuroimaging techniques have helped determine that the amygdala and the hippocampus are areas that get affected by anxiety.

Also, neurotransmitters are found to have an impact on anxiety, including serotonin, GABA, norepinephrine, and dopamine, too much or too little can have distinct effects on anxiety.

This is where cannabinoids CBD and THC have shown to help balance the levels of neurotransmitters.

CBD has been shown to help by boosting serotonin, along with helping balance the endocannabinoid system when there is a deficiency, this is the system in that cannabinoids can interact with the body.

Anandamide known as the bliss molecule is another neurotransmitter, that provides a state of well-being and relief. Anandamide can help your body respond to stress more positively.  And when taken in low doses, THC can mimic anandamide, by binding to receptors that make up the endocannabinoid system.

Both CBD and THC are effective in treating anxiety, products like full spectrum CBD, or greater CBD to THC ratio are a choice among beginners.
It's vital to discuss cannabis as an alternative treatment for anxiety with your doctor, especially if you are under prescription.
Although many cannabis users report success in alleviating stress, each person is unique. It is advisable to approach any cannabis product cautiously if you have never used cannabis before.

Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid, What is my best choice?

CBD is not the only cannabinoid of choice to treat anxiety more naturally, you may have previously heard the names Indica, Sativa, or hybrid used to describe various strains of marijuana. These three categories describe the plant's structure, form, and other characteristics.

Although the cannabis market has expanded and a new categorization for the plant called "chemotype" is now available, Indica still refers to a kind of marijuana that has a sedating effect, while Sativa gives you an energy boost, and a hybrid achieves a balance between the two.

Users of medicinal cannabis for anxiety have discovered that each strain can assist them to relieve symptoms, but only if they are aware of how their bodies responded to each kind of strain in the past. Keep in mind that these strains will contain higher amounts of THC and most users will settle for Indica or Hybrid.

Indica sedating effects help individuals with anxiety feel more relaxed and at ease, taking situations or thoughts more calmly, also stiffness and pain related to anxiety can easily go away, helping smooth muscles and soreness.

When starting your cannabis dose, especially if it includes a high concentration of THC, start with smaller doses. Try micro-dosing, for instance, if you're consuming something edible, cut the edible into three to four even pieces and start with one. Moderation is crucial so gradually increase your dosage following your tolerance.
Due to the complexity of anxiety disorders, a proper diagnosis and assessment from a professional are required, more so if it coexists with depression.

What´s the best Dosage for Anxiety?

Every person's body is different, and individuals with a high tolerance to cannabis may find CBD to be too mild to treat their anxiety, making Indica and Hybrid their best choice or a ratio of CBD and THC a better alternative.

CBD is a great place to start if you are just beginning your path to treating your anxiety with a more natural option like Cannabis.

Low doses are recommended at first, and your dosage will be highly influenced by the form you choose to treat anxiety symptoms, along with factors like:

  • Your size and weight
  • The severity of your condition
  • Your tolerance to CBD and THC
  • The potency of the form you choose: tincture, capsules, gummies, vapes, topicals, etc.

Some people are concerned that they may be particularly sensitive to CBD and THC; if this describes you, you can start with a small dose of 2 mg to 5 mg. If you are more tolerant or consider that an exact balance of CBD and THC would be optimal, a ratio tincture with more CBD than THC will be a good starting point, keeping in mind that the effects can be felt in less than 30 minutes and last up to 6 to 8 hours.
Don´t forget to check our post if you wish to learn more about CBD Anxiety Products and Bioavailability !
If you decide to increase your dose, a medium to high dose is advised, bearing in mind the other factors that might impact the results. Here are some samples of medium to high doses based on body weight:

  • 125 lbs - medium 38 mg- high 75 mg
  • 150 lbs- medium  45 mg- high 90 mg
  • 175 lbs- medium  52 mg - high 105 mg

As previously mentioned, the cannabis type you choose to treat your anxiety symptoms can influence the results, as well as how quickly and how long they will last. When it comes to Cannabis vape pens, remember that they have the highest bioavailability, resulting in a faster effect. It is a fantastic solution for people who need to alleviate a symptom promptly, such as tight muscles or overall soreness, also common in anxiety.

The Most Effective Cannabis Products for Anxiety

Birch & Fog's wide assortment of merchandise includes the most effective and popular CBD and Cannabis solutions for anxiety.

From tinctures to delightful gummies and beverages with increased bioavailability owing to nanotechnology, the alternatives are numerous, providing a fantastic opportunity to select carefully based on your specific needs.

In the product description, you can easily see the potency in mg, ingredients, and in the description option a suggested dose. Each description also includes a link to our dosage calculator to help you determine your dosage more precisely.

We provide our three top solutions for anxiety based on verified user reviews, product attributes, and high-quality CBD and THC oil.

1 Birch + Fog | CALM CBD Capsules

These CBD capsules are formulated to provide the “calm” so much needed to ease symptoms of anxiety. Easy to swallow and with precise dosage, Calm CBD capsules are full spectrum CBD oil, with a low percentage of THC and with all the great benefits of the hemp plant, providing the opportunity for all elements to work collectively while delivering broader benefits.

Calm CBD capsules come in a small, spill-proof bottle that is lightweight and child-proof, with a total of 30 capsules, and 25 mg of high-quality CBD per capsule, makes them the ideal supplement for tracking your monthly intake.

Birch + Fog regularly verifies the quality and dose of its products to offer the finest experience for our consumers. As a result, they are a top favorite among our clients, that are happy with several options to help them decrease anxiety symptoms.

2 Natuur | Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

You may notice that your anxiety symptoms are not the same during the day as they are in the afternoon, and you may need to adjust your dose based on the time of day. Tinctures are ideal for their faster delivery and exact dosing, allowing you to adjust your dose as needed.

Natuur, a CBD company based in Canada, offers a wide range of products that have become favorites among our clients. With MCT carrier oil and full spectrum quality CBD oil, this tincture with low THC and broader benefits from the "entourage effect" that helps relieve anxiety levels while reducing stress, pain, and headaches.

Natuur's Full Spectrum Oil is made from Hemp and is CO2 extracted, conveniently packaged in a 30 ml glass container with a graduated dropper, and available in three different strengths: 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 1500 mg, helpful for treating mild to strong symptoms of anxiety.

3 Kandy Kandy | CBD Isolate Gummies

Sweet relief from stress and anxiety! Kandy Kandy CBD Isolate gummies provide all the best of just CBD, free of THC, naturally flavored, and gluten-free.

With five different flavors available to choose from, these CBD Isolate gummies are ideal for people sensitive to THC but are looking to relieve anxiety symptoms more naturally and with a sweeter taste.

These natural stable shelf gummies, created in Canada and lab-tested CBD Isolate, are a fantastic alternative, providing the benefits in roughly 40 min to 2 hrs. Each package contains five square gummies, each containing 50 mg.

Final Notes

Anxiety is the most common mental health condition today, fortunately, is treatable with a healthy lifestyle, family support, and expert treatment. And now individuals are finding positive results with natural approaches, like CBD.

Experimenting with CBD or different strains, and potencies to determine what works best for you may appear challenging at first. However, understanding the benefits, suggested dose, and potential adverse effects of any product are essential for an ideal result.

Many individuals use cannabis to ease tension and anxiety, but in combination with other resources like strategies and self-help techniques to help manage better anxiety, more positive results can be expected.

If you wish to know more about anxiety or if you suspect you are suffering from it, a good starting point to learn more about this condition is to visit anxietycanada.com where you can find wide information and even free downloadable resources.

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