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Heavy metals

Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Heavy metals like environmental lead and mercury can contaminate cannabis plants easily if absorbed selectively from contaminated soils or absorbed broadly from polluted air into foliage. While some heavy metals actually serve necessary or beneficial micronutrient functions for balanced plant growth in trace amounts, the majority are potentially toxic for human health in accumulated quantities. Thanks in part to cannabis' natural tendency towards bioaccumulation, consistently checking for and monitoring heavy metal levels throughout cultivation is critical for growers determined to deliver safe, pure products for human use.

The cannabis plant draws up and concentrates materials from its surrounding environment particularly effectively in a bid to intake essential elements for vigorous growth and development. But this gives the plant ability to also readily absorb and compile undesirable contaminants like heavy metals into its tissues if present in its substrate, circulating waters or broader surroundings. Responsible growers must thoroughly vet potential growing areas and avoid any questionably contaminated growth mediums to prevent toxic uptake. Mandatory laboratory testing also ensures any products reaching market or patient hands have safely passed analysis and are free of dangerous contaminant levels for human consumption.

While heavy metals like cadmium, arsenic, lead and mercury do exist in the natural environment in trace amounts, excessive pollution from industry or agriculture can dramatically elevate their presence and availability. Scrutinizing inputs and growth areas protects both cannabis crops and those who ultimately consume them. Consistent safety starts with clean, controlled cultivation environments and inputs.

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