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Are there Specific CBD Capsules for Daytime and Nighttime?

Lexie Livingston
December 23, 2021

With CBD and THC products taking Canada by storm, there are enough products for sale to make anyone’s head spin. Maybe you want to take CBD pills for pain before your next gym session without feeling groggy. Perhaps you’re looking for quite the opposite if you struggle with insomnia every night. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all product when it comes to CBD or even THC capsules for that matter. The CBD pills effects can vary greatly from person to person based upon their weight, body chemistry, and tolerance. This means that even reading CBD capsules review may not be of much help in this area.

In this article, we’ll get into the details of what to look for in daytime and nighttime CBD capsules Canada so that you’re not falling asleep at your desk or feeling like you're about to run a marathon before getting into bed at night.


What are the Benefits of CBD Combined with THC?

With all of the focus on CBD capsules, it's easy to overlook THC, which is a close relative of CBD. Indeed, there is evidence to assume that CBD combined with even a small amount of THC may be most effective for some disorders. According to a growing amount of evidence, cannabis chemicals interact with one another to generate synergistic health benefits. This means that while cannabinoids are effective on their own, combining them creates much better results. The addition of even a little amount of THC enhances the CBD pills effects, or medicinal advantages.

According to the principle of whole-plant therapy, employing full-plant extracts and flowers that include a diverse range of cannabis chemicals is better than using only one ingredient. For example, combining typical CBD pills for pain with a little THC is now widely regarded as a way to lessen the intoxicating effects of THC. This means that THC's hypnotic and appetite-inducing effects can be mitigated by the addition of CBD. This is often referred to as the entourage effect.

The entourage effect is the concept that multiple chemicals in cannabis operate in tandem to create better effects. While CBD can help minimize some of the anxiety and paranoia brought on by THC, the combination will work better as a muscle relaxant and pain reliever.

Sativex, a successful multiple sclerosis medicine with a one-to-one ratio of CBD and THC, was developed by one pharmaceutical company. This medicine combines equal parts CBD pills for pain and THC to maximize the entourage effect/maximize the CBD pills effects. In preclinical cancer studies, combining CBD with THC capsules has shown better outcomes than either cannabinoid alone in various types of cancer. In cell cultures of glioblastoma, a kind of brain cancer, adding CBD to a high-THC therapy improved THC's anti-proliferative effects.

Combining the two cannabinoids might help with cancer symptom control as well. The effectiveness and safety profiles of a THC/CBD spray and a THC-solo spray were evaluated in a 2013 research published in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management. While THC alone can be addictive, patients who received a THC and CBD spray medicine did not desire to raise their dose, and it was well tolerated throughout the course of a two-week research. More data shows that combining CBD with THC might boost the chemicals' pain-relieving effects.

It's obvious that the two molecules are a good match. Those looking to add a little THC to their CBD may want to think about doing so. A look at CBD capsules review may be of assistance in this case. If you're looking for more information on CBD and THC, this article is a fantastic resource.


What is a Ratio Capsule?

Ratio capsules combine CBD and THC in various different amounts, allowing for the entourage effect. The CBD to THC ratio displays how much CBD is in a dosage relative to THC. For example, a 1:1 ratio means that each dosage has an equal amount of both CBD and THC. A CBD:THC ratio of 20:1 means that the quantity of CBD in a dosage is 20 times that of THC. Changing the CBD to THC ratio creates a custom product that takes advantage of the unique benefits of CBD, THC, or both, for a specific patient or therapeutic result.

When CBD pills with THC are used medicinally, exact ratios of CBD and THC can be chosen to offer the best therapeutic benefit for each person. Most medicinal cannabis products now have a greater CBD content than THC. THC content in pure CBD products is less than 0.3%. The current tendency is to cultivate plants or produce products with a greater CBD to THC ratio. The ratio of CBD to THC can range from more than 20:1 to 1:10. Anything with a CBD: THC ratio more than 10:1 should not cause a high, as a general rule. For more information on how the entourage effect works, refer to this article.


What are the Benefits of CBD Capsules Combined with Sativa?

When seeking a high quality CBD product that will be potent and effective for daytime use (such as CBD capsules Canada), you’ll want to look for a ratio product that contains CBD in combination with THC capsules/sativa. CBD and this specific strain of THC will give you focus and clarity to tackle your day ahead without any crash, according to CBD capsules review. Sativa helps elevate your mood and alleviate depression. Any paranoia experienced from the THC will be mitigated by the CBD. Combining sativa with CBD will help to increase your energy and promote productivity, creativity, and focus. It stimulates activity, reduces apathy, and encourages people to interact with others in a social context.


What are the Benefits of CBD Capsules Combined with Indica?

When looking for a high-quality CBD product for nighttime use, you’ll want to seek out a ratio product that contains both CBD and Indica. This specific strain of THC is backed by scientific evidence, proving that it helps with insomnia and promotes sleep. Indica relieves stress and anxiety, providing a better overall sense of wellbeing, as stated by many in CBD capsules review. Physically, in addition to CBD pills for pain,  indica is also known to help relax muscles and decrease inflammation/pain.


Where Can I Purchase Specific Daytime and Nighttime CBD Capsules Canada?

Here at Birch + Fog, we have carefully hand-selected all of our products for our online store. Each and every product has been verified to be of the highest quality through third-party lab testing. We have created our store with customers like you in mind, doing all the research and testing first, so that your shopping experience can be as easy as possible.


Birch + Fog’s Top Recommendations for CBD Capsules Canada: Daytime and Nighttime


1 CBD/THC Capsules 3:1 Ratio (Sativa)-Day time | Birch and Fog

Birch + Fog has formulated a 3:1 ratio capsule specifically for daytime use. Containing sativa THC in combination with CBD, these capsules are made from only natural and non-toxic ingredients. These CBD pills for pain are made without any unnecessary ingredients or fillers, making them pure and potent.

Being manufactured in Canada, Birch + Fog’s products are third-party verified to be safe, effective, and dependable. These ratio capsules contain 3 times the amount of CBD to THC (30mg CBD and 10mg THC). The CBD pills effects are a slight buzz, however, this depends on your tolerance to THC. You’ll receive healing, relaxation, and relief simultaneously with these capsules.

Due to them being made with sativa THC, they are perfect for daytime use to help alleviate pain, anxiety, and depression without any fatigue. The 3:1 ratio provides the entourage effect while avoiding intense psychoactivity. CBD and THC work synergistically to provide maximum benefits.

Recommended dose is 1 softgel capsule daily to start and then wait 45 minutes to 2 hours. The dose may be increased after this time period and once you have determined the effects on your unique body. Same day shipping is available if you order within a specific timeframe.


  • All-natural, non-toxic ingredients
  • No unnecessary ingredients or fillers
  • Consistent, accurate dosing
  • Manufactured in Canada
  • Same day shipping available


  • Not available for subscription


  • Designed specifically for daytime use with sativa THC
  • 3:1 ratio of CBD to THC works to create the entourage effect


2 CBD/THC Capsules 3:1 Ratio (Indica)-Nighttime | Birch and Fog

Birch + Fog’s nighttime 3:1 ratio capsules are designed with indica THC to help treat insomnia. They are constructed similar to the daytime capsules, just with indica instead of sativa. This means that they are also made from natural, non-toxic ingredients, and contain no unnecessary ingredients or fillers.

These capsules combat pain, anxiety, and depression, all while helping to induce a restful sleep. As with the daytime capsules, these nighttime capsules are a 3:1 ratio with 30mg of CBD and 10mg of THC. They will provide the entourage effect while avoiding any intense psychoactivity.

A recommended dose is 1 capsule daily. It is always advised to wait 45 minutes to 2 hours before taking more. These capsules are also available for same day/next day shipping.




  • Combats pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia with indica THC
  • All natural and non-toxic ingredients


  • Not available for subscription


  • Designed specifically for nighttime use with indica THC
  • 3:1 ratio with the entourage effect



To put it simply, yes, there are specific daytime and nighttime CBD capsules Canada! While a lot of companies do not pay attention to these details, Birch + Fog has thought of it all with our signature line of capsules and CBD pills for pain. We understand the intricate details that go into creating products and the importance of using only the highest quality ingredients. There’s nothing worse than certain CBD pills effects such as falling asleep during a work meeting or having energy when you’re trying to sleep. With carefully selected ingredients and all the research and testing done for you, it’s an easy mistake to avoid! You can find our entire collection of hand-picked capsules here. Should you still have any hesitation, read over our thousands of customer CBD capsules review!

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