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510 thread

Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

A 510 thread refers to the standard size and shape of threading used to connect vaping devices like cartridges, atomizers, and batteries. Most vape cartridges compatible with cannabis oil extracts use 510 threading to attach to pen-style batteries or modular batteries.

510 threading gets its name from the thread size of 5 millimeters in diameter with 10 threads per inch. Most vape batteries and heating attachments made for cannabis vape cartridges conform to the 510 thread standard, as do most cartridges from cannabis oil brands. This standardization allows consumers to easily mix and match cartridges with batteries from different manufacturers.

The thread pattern enables the vape cartridge to screw tightly onto the battery, creating a secure connection. Having an industry standard thread size allows companies making batteries, cartridges and vape pens to have interchangeable parts. As long as your battery and cartridge have 510 threads, you can use them together regardless of brand.

Nearly all cannabis oil vape cartridges use 510 threads to work with reusable vape pen batteries. Some pod-style vapes utilize proprietary non-510 connections, but the vast majority of marijuana oil cartridges use the 510 standard. Most vape battery pens for cannabis cartridges have a 510 threaded top with a button for powering on and off.

Having access to 510 thread batteries offers flexibility and affordability, since consumers are not restricted to products from one company. The ubiquity of 510 threading has helped increase adoption of cannabis vaping by ensuring cartridge compatibility across brands and making batteries reusable across many cartridges. As vaping grows more popular for consuming marijuana, 510 thread has become the standard.

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