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Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Just as 420 refers to all things related to general cannabis culture, 710 (OIL flipped upside down) refers to cannabis extracts and concentrates known as dabs. July 10th is an unofficial cannabis holiday celebrating marijuana extracts, oils, and concentrates. The origins of 710 as a code word meaning hash oils and dabs traces back to 2010 during an online group chat session involving notable figures in the cannabis industry.

The first publications mentioning 710 were in 2011, followed by increased online publicity and articles in subsequent years. Though some have speculated 710 originated with The Grateful Dead since they once lived at 710 Ashbury Street in San Francisco during the 1960s, extensive research has disproven this link. The Dead did use cannabis oils, but did not refer to them as 710.

In reality, 710 was coined in 2010 by rapper Taskrok during a virtual dabbing session as a way to subtly refer to hash oils. After the chat, Taskrok's definition of 710 as cannabis oil appeared online and the term slowly spread through the cannabis concentrate subculture. While 420 is universally known, 710 is a more insider term used by those focused on high potency THC oils, waxes, and cannabis extracts known as dabs.

710 and July 10th (7/10) have become a way for extract companies, dispensaries, and others to market concentrates and products catering to dabbers and those who consume marijuana through vaping devices. The cannabis sector continues to grow rapidly and concentrates are increasing in popularity and availability. 710 offers those who dab an insider term to identify one another and bond over a shared passion, just as 420 does for general cannabis enthusiasts.

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