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Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

The term adult-use refers to cannabis and cannabis products that are legally available for purchase and consumption by adults aged 21 and older in states that have passed recreational marijuana laws. Adult-use is generally synonymous with recreational in regards to cannabis laws and regulations. Both adult-use and recreational indicate non-medical cannabis used for leisure, as opposed to medical marijuana used for health conditions under doctor supervision. Some states specifically use the terminology “adult-use” cannabis in their statutes and codes, while other states designate it as “recreational”. There is no actual difference between products labeled as either adult-use or recreational in legal markets. Dispensaries and retail cannabis stores may label their products as adult-use or recreational interchangeably depending on the customary language in their jurisdiction. There are some key differences in regulations between adult-use and medical cannabis in most locations. Medical marijuana requires certification from a doctor, while any adult over 21 can buy adult-use cannabis just by showing ID. Medical cannabis patients also often have legal protections and rights not afforded to the recreational market. It's important for consumers to understand their local laws to know the exact differences in how adult-use and medical marijuana are treated and regulated in their state or region.

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