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Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Aeroponics is a specialized cultivation technique used to grow cannabis and other plants whereby the roots are suspended mid-air and misted with a spray of water and nutrients. Aeroponics was developed to increase oxygenation and air exposure to the roots, promoting faster and healthier growth compared to roots submerged in water or media. One of the most common uses of aeroponics is for cloning cannabis to start new plants. Aeroponic cloning machines, often called cloners, are self-contained units that suspend clones' stems and root systems inside while misting the exposed roots at set intervals. Commercial aeroponic cloners consist of a reservoir to hold nutrient-rich water, a submersible pump, a timer, nozzles for spraying, and foam collars to hold clones in place. By keeping roots consistently moist while still allowing air access, cuttings develop robust white root systems within 5-14 days before transplant into soil, coco, or hydroponics. Compared to other cloning methods like rockwool cubes, aeroponic systems offer higher success rates, quicker rooting, and healthier clone starts.

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