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Backyard Boogie

Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Backyard boogie refers to a person's own personal supply of cannabis cultivated in the privacy of their private backyard, garden or other residential property kept out of public view. It's a slang term that originally derived from an early 1990s rap song sharing the same name which eventually became commonly used vernacular amongst cannabis growers and enthusiasts.

The overall quality in terms of potency, bag appeal and smokeability of any given backyard boogie harvest can certainly vary dramatically depending on each grower's skill level and gardening successes each season. However, typically backyard boogie loosely indicates affordable yet decent quality personal homegrown cannabis flower compared to rather pricey commercial offerings found at legal dispensaries.

For many private medical and recreational growers living in areas still lacking legal local access to licensed dispensaries, being able to responsibly smoke their very own backyard boogie stash allows them to enjoy fresh organic buds year-round for little cost through small scale self-cultivation and care of the plants in their backyard.

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