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Concentrate slurry

Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

During solvent extraction, the concentrate slurry is the mixture of plant material and solvents before purging. Slurries vary in consistency depending on the solvent and material used, containing high levels of chemicals. Slurries must go through extensive processing and purging before becoming a consumable concentrate.

“The concentrate slurry will be purged in the vacuum oven to remove residual solvents.”

The slurry is created when the solvent breaks down the cannabis material and bonds to the desired components like cannabinoids and terpenes. It contains high levels of solvents and is not safe for consumption. Further processing removes plant particulates and purges chemical residues.

The texture ranges from sappy and sticky to runny or cloudy depending on factors like: solvent type, plant quality, temperature, and pressure. Winterization and filtration further refine the concentrate before it becomes the final product. Slurries represent the starting point on the journey to polished concentrates.

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