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Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Cones are a style of joint wider at one end and tapering to a narrow tip, often with a filter. Their shape provides an even burn so they don’t need re-lighting as much. Prerolls are typically cones filled with ground cannabis. You can also buy empty cones to fill yourself for convenience.

“I like to keep a pack of empty cones handy for quick rolls when I’m in a rush.”

The cone shape enables a smooth, consistent burn without tunneling because the cherry stays packed as it burns down. The wider end also holds more ground material, increasing capacity. The tapered tip concentrates heat and airflow for thorough combustion. Cones represent the fastest, most convenient way to enjoy a joint.

Pre-filled cones let you skip rolling but sacrifice strain selection. Empty cones with filters let you grind and fill your own flower. Packing in stages helps distribute and compress the material. Cones offer speed and ease for rolling on the go.

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