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Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Creeper strains describe cultivars of cannabis that produce effects which seem to gradually sneak up or creep up on the consumer once initially ingested or inhaled. Unlike most strains which begin taking effect relatively quickly, creeper strains are deceptive in that they often do not impart a noticeable onset of effects for 15-30+ minutes after first smoking or ingesting them.

This delayed onset can easily catch inexperienced users off guard, since they do not feel the expected effects immediately and may continue steadily consuming more while waiting for it to manifest. Once the effects finally kick in after the lengthy delay, they are often quite strong and intense due to the accumulated consumption during the onset period.

It is wise to exercise patience and restraint when first sampling potential creeper strains until you learn your personal limits. Be wary of redosing too soon while waiting for effects to begin. Their late arrival can lure some into inadvertent overconsumption seeking stronger effects, so allowing ample time for onset to begin is key.

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