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Dab mat

Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

A dab mat refers to any small, compact, thin non-stick surface pad made primarily of silicone or other high-heat resistant materials that provides an ideal work space during the process of dabbing cannabis extracts like wax, shatter, live resin, hash oils or other hydrocarbon concentrates prepared for rapid vaporization. Using a dedicated dab mat prevents the hot dab rig or e-nail assembly from sliding around to help keep the setup stable and secure. Dab mats also serve to thoroughly protect the underlying desk, table or other area a user chooses to do dabs on by effectively catching sticky errant drips, splatters and residue.

Quality dab mats give you a designated non-stick spot to comfortably work when prepping and consuming your choice of weed concentrates and extracts in dab form. The grippy material firmly holds your dab rig or e-nail in place securely so it doesn't slide off a table or desk and potentially break mid-session. The silicone construction also lets you easily manipulate even sticky extracts by hand without things sticking to everything sideways.

Above all, dab mats help safeguard your regular workstation or any area you use for enjoying marijuana concentrates by conveniently catching any accidental drips, splashes and minor spills that could otherwise permanently stain or damage furniture. Having a dedicated special washable silicone surface just for your dabbing activities helps keep your overall space clean and organized.

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