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Dab rig

Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

A dab rig refers to a specialized water pipe designed explicitly for the purpose of optimally consuming cannabis concentrates and extracts using precision temperature vaporization methods. It shares some similarities with traditional water pipes or bongs intended for smoking flower, but has evolved additional features that cater specifically to the unique needs of vaporizing waxy, viscous cannabis extracts versus combusting dry herb.

Dab rigs give users an ideal setup for cleanly vaporizing oily, liquid concentrates that would simply melt and fall through the bowl of a dry pipe or bong intended for inhalation of solid combustible plant material. The key distinction is that dab rigs incorporate various attachments like nails, bangers, or e-coils that allow concentrates to be flash vaporized on a hot surface then filtered through the rig's water chamber before inhalation.

High end artistic dab rigs with unique percolation are regarded as functional art pieces and status symbols among cannabis concentrates aficionados. However, affordable portable options also exist, allowing casual users on-the-go dabbing with a minimal setup. Complete dab kits are also available which include the rig itself and all necessary accessories.

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