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Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Cannabis delivery refers to products being directly shipped or transported to customers rather than requiring pickup from a dispensary. Delivery provides access for medical cannabis patients or consumers who are unable to visit retail stores in person due to mobility challenges or lack of local options.

Home delivery of cannabis products is common within unregulated markets but is slowly expanding into legal states as well. Ordering cannabis online and receiving products discreetly like other goods is highly appealing to many consumers.

However, regulations initially heavily favored only in-person retail sales at licensed dispensaries and prohibited delivery services. As more states legalize adult-use cannabis over time, optimized delivery networks are launching and gaining popularity for their convenience.

Cannabis delivery widens access for patients who have difficulty driving to stores. It also helps avoid risks of transporting purchases. Delivery motivates larger order values compared to browsing limited store shelves. Look for more cannabis delivery options direct to consumers as legal markets continue maturing.

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