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Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

A diffuser refers to a specialized smoke-conditioning attachment inside a water pipe or dab rig that diffuses smoke by breaking it up into much smaller bubbles and increasing surface area before the smoke enters the main chamber. This greater diffusion cools and smooths each hit for less irritation. As smoke passes through a diffuser it gets broken up and separated into thousands more micro-sized bubbles compared to only a few large bubbles produced by default. The greater cumulative surface area generated by numerous tiny bubbles more efficiently contacts water during percolation, making the diffusion process exponentially more effective at cooling smoke. Diffused hits feel significantly cooler, filtered and less harsh as a result. Besides smoothing hits, diffusers also help dissipate and mute the loud bubbles produced when smoking, resulting in a gentler, less disruptive bubbling sound. In most cases, diffusers simply replace existing downstems inside bongs or rigs with minimal required modifications. While not an essential accessory, adding glass diffusers enhances the smoking experience and perceivably conditions hits to be less rough and more flavorful.

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