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Directional airflow

Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Directional airflow carb cap attachments give dabbers advanced manual control over managing and optimizing airflow when vaporizing cannabis extracts. The user can precisely direct and redirect airflow using the directional cap to evenly distribute heat and thoroughly vaporize concentrates. Common directional cap designs include angled dishes, directional fins, and spinning tops that all help guide air around the dish instead of upwards. This purposely pushes and migrates concentrates toward hotter surface zones inside the banger to promote even vaporization. Avoiding uneven heating prevents wasted oil pooling in cooler banger corners. Directional caps also grant dabbers realtime airflow adjustment to capillize extracts at their personal preferred temperatures and vapor density. However, the technique does require practice and experience before becoming second nature. Once mastered though, directional carb control gives dabbing connoisseurs unmatched command over customizing and curating every single hit to achieve their ideal experiences.

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