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Disc perc

Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

A disc perc refers to a flat, circular glass percolator diffuser containing numerous small slits or holes of consistent size that is permanently welded onto interior walls within a water pipe, either a bong or dab rig. The small holes bored into the glass disc provide quality smoke diffusion and filtration while remaining easy to fully clean compared to more complex perc styles. In operation, smoke tightly passes through the disc's surface perforations which force dispersion into a chamber below, effectively breaking up the smoke into multitudes of smaller particles. Using a disc perc with more diffusing holes bored into its surface creates even finer diffusion and additional smoke cooling versus fewer openings. However, glass blowers must balance diffusion against increased airflow resistance. Simple disc percs with moderately restricted holes optimally strike a sweet spot between ample diffusion for smooth hits and easy draw resistance. Disk percs are generally affordable, durable, and user-friendly. For enhanced smoke conditioning, multiple disc percs can be stacked or combined with other inline or internal percolator styles. Just watch resistance draws when pairing a disc downstem perc with multiple large interior percs. Keeping both bongs and dab rigs with any style disc perc spotlessly clean preserves ideal performance.

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