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Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Dispensaries are licensed cannabis retailers legally authorized to provide access to regulated marijuana products in states where cannabis is medically or recreationally legal. As the primary point of contact between consumers and the legal market, dispensaries give adults aged 21 and over a safe, comfortable, and legal environment to browse and purchase lab-tested cannabis flower, extracts, edibles and accessories without fear of arrest and incarceration. Dispensaries handle all necessary ID verification, point of sale, security, reporting and compliance required to lawfully conduct retail cannabis transactions, just as liquor stores do with alcohol. Beyond efficiently facilitating access, the most progressive dispensaries also maintain strong patient education programs and staff trained to provide tailored product guidance and dosing recommendations based on each individual customer's stated needs, sensitivities and prior cannabis experience. In addition to a wide product selection and fair everyday pricing, exceptional dispensaries offer exclusive deals and discounts to registered medical patients and loyal returning customers. As the public face of legalization, neighborhood cannabis retailers and storefronts play a lead role furthering mainstream acceptance and overturning outdated cultural stigma.

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