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Domeless nail

Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

A domeless nail refers to a type of nail designed for dabbing cannabis concentrates that features an open design without the usual enclosed glass dome found on traditional domed nails. Domeless nails are considered superior for vaporization because they provide users with better airflow control by taking advantage of directional carb cap techniques.

Carb caps became increasingly popular as dabbers transitioned from utilizing domed nails to the uncovered domeless nail. Carb caps help retain heat and terpenes when capping freshly heated nails by creating a temporary enclosed space, similar to how a carb hole functions on a pipe. Most dabbers now prefer domeless nails paired with carb caps over domed nails due to easier use and maintenance.

The restrictions of domed nails led to their gradual obsoletion as domeless nails simplified necessary gear and significantly improved the overall dabbing experience with better airflow manipulation using specialized directional carb caps.

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