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Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Dose refers to the quantity or amount of cannabis taken or administered to achieve desired effects. With inconsistent levels of cannabinoids in flower, edibles and extracts provide the most control over precise dosing using milligrams of THC, CBD or other active compounds. However, smoking or vaping flower and extracts makes consistent dosing more difficult given the many variables involved. Ideal dosage depends greatly on the individual and their tolerance levels. Cannabis novices are advised to start very low with 2.5-5 mg of THC and increase the amount slowly only if needed to reach the desired effects. More experienced users often gradually dose in the range of 10-100 mg of THC for recreational purposes depending on their tolerance. Finding one's optimal dose requires some careful experimentation and trial and error. A specific amount producing nice effects one day may end up being too much the next time depending on individual bioavailability. Moderating dose according to your own comfort level and sensitivity is key to enjoying cannabis safely.

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