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Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

A dugout is a small, compact multi-purpose storage container optimized for discreetly transporting a pipe along with freshly ground cannabis ready for immediate smoking on-the-go. It provides cannabis users with a convenient all-in-one kit allowing for quickly and easily packing pipe bowls with pre-ground herb while minimizing the amount of odor exposure in public.

The signature feature of dugouts that makes them distinct is the combination of a built-in specialized one-hitter pipe integrated side-by-side with a long narrow storage chamber specifically intended for holding a moderate amount of already broken-down ground cannabis flower. To use a dugout, you simply remove the one-hitter pipe from its slot, open the chamber and lightly tamp it down into the ground herb to lightly pack the pipe's bowl, then immediately smoke your bowl.

Dugouts offer an excellent portable setup tailored for active cannabis consumption away from home, allowing you to discreetly take a few quick hits at your leisure then securely put it back away until needed again. They enable avoiding having to carry around a bulky bag of whole flower buds or a grinder to break them down and risk extra odor exposure each time you want to smoke. In these ways, dugouts provide an ideal ergonomic solution for those needing a convenient, discreet and durable system for smoking cannabis nimbly on the move.

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