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Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

An e-nail, also commonly referred to as an electric nail, is a specialized electronic heating element or coil designed as a healthier and more technologically advanced alternative to manually using a butane torch or other flame source to heat a nail for dabbing cannabis extracts. E-nails provide precision temperature control via electronic PID controller systems or preset heating profiles, allowing users to digitally dial in and maintain their ideal nail temperature for dabbing.

Rather than having to manually apply a flame to heat the nail until glowing-hot before each dab, battery-powered e-nails allow gradually heating to an exact temperature and easily holding it indefinitely with no variation. Some e-nails come built into dedicated electronic dab rigs, while many others are available as standalone attachments made to fit any existing glass rig with a traditional nail setup using titanium, quartz or ceramic. E-nails enable convenient low-temp dabs that help preserve terpenes, as well as remove the need for refueling butane torches. Overall, e-nail technology simplifies and elevates the dabbing process while improving flavor, consistency and overall experience.

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