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Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Electronic dab rigs, commonly referred to as e-rigs, are innovative vaporization devices engineered specifically for cleanly and conveniently vaporizing waxy cannabis concentrates without needing to manually use a torch and traditional dab rig setup. E-rigs electronically provide precise temperature control and even water filtration in premium models to vaporize extracts in the ideal range with unmatched consistency.

Instead of having to use a torch flame to provide heat, e-rigs tightly integrate advanced heating elements powered electronically to cleanly vaporize extracts and concentrates at user-specified temperatures that highlight flavors and cannabinoids based on personal preference. Some e-rigs are complete all-in-one standalone units containing internal water filtration systems. Conversely, certain models are designed to attach seamlessly onto existing traditional dab rigs to upgrade into more technologically advanced e-rigs.

Overall, electronic dab rigs provide unmatched temperature precision and customization for boosting flavor and fine-tuning effects when consuming extracts and hash oils. E-rig technology also enables increased portability and convenience without having to constantly deal with messy and potentially dangerous open flames or hot surfaces. However, the trade-off is increased reliance on battery power, electronics and consistent access to electricity which traditional torch and nail-style dab rigs avoid entirely.

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