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Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

In underground cannabis markets, exotic bud refers to exceptionally rare and potent elite marijuana strains, typically of mysterious or ambiguous origin, that produce uniquely intense and memorable effects once smoked. It represents the cream of the black market crop – true top-shelf underground cannabis with an enticing aura of mystique and allure. Street-level dealers commonly market exotic strains using fanciful backstories portraying the genetics as mysterious tropical imports from remote foreign locales, even when their actual geographic source remains entirely unknown. But by perpetuating exoticness, dealers amplify desirability and justify charging higher prices. The exotic label itself immediately commands higher valuation on the illicit market by implying exceptional genetics and cultivation standards far beyond run-of-the-mill commercial strains. However in reality, many so-called exotic offerings actually originate from the garages and basements of artisanal local underground growers simply seeking to prop up margins. Nonetheless for discerning consumers, the exotic branding sticks as long as effects seem transportive. At its core, cannabis exoticism begins with illusion but requires delivering satisfaction.

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