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Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Feminized seeds are cannabis seeds selectively bred to eliminate male chromosomes and produce over 99% female plants. Unlike traditional regular seeds which grow a natural mix of both male and female plants after germination, feminized seeds reliably grow female-only offspring when planted. Professional breeders purposefully create feminized seed stock through a process called reverse breeding, whereby they carefully stress genetically female cannabis plants to spur them to grow staminate flowers capable of producing female pollen. The resulting female pollen containing no male chromosomes is then applied to fertilize other female plants to produce nearly 100% feminized seeds. The offspring seeds inherit their genetics solely from the female parent plant. For growers, cultivating plants from feminized seeds saves considerable time otherwise spent identifying and culling male plants that must be separated to prevent pollinating the drug-producing female plants. Feminized seeds also maximize plant count per square footage and optimize use of indoor and outdoor garden space. Every seed planted has potential to become a productive bud-bearing female plant, increasing bottom line yields. Advanced breeding has made feminized seeds a reliable choice for both commercial and home growers looking to streamline success and reduce risks.

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