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Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Fire refers colloquially to any exemplary cannabis flower or concentrate product considered of exceptionally high quality and desirability. It's purely based on personal opinion and implies the particular specimen is regarded by the user as being extremely potent, flavorful, or otherwise unique enough subjectively to warrant being described as fire cannabis compared to more standard offerings available.

No quantifiable objective standards or criteria exist to define universally what qualities cannabis products must objectively possess in order to qualify as fire grade. One cannabis consumer's fire strain may be viewed as weak, diluted, or excessively harsh and undesirable by others searching for different benefits from the plant. In essence, each batch of flower essentially earns its reputation as premium fire weed if it happens to deliver that special memorable psychoactive experience and strong positive lasting impression on the user through their unique individual endocannabinoid system interaction, regardless of laboratory testing potency results or consensus opinion.

Expect to pay a premium above average market prices for any marijuana or cannabis derivative touted as absolute fire by insiders. While high quality genetics, attentive hands-on cultivation, careful slow curing methods and proper climate-controlled storage all tangibly contribute toward cannabis reaching its full potential peak fire status, the actual subjective aromas, flavors and nuanced effects of different strains ultimately resonate differently for each person based on their biochemical individuality and personal preferences. At the end of the day, fire is fundamentally in the eye, nose and mind of the beholder.

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