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Fixed downstem

Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

A fixed downstem is permanently attached inside a water pipe or bong, securely connecting the bowl piece to the base. It enables smooth airflow by effectively channeling smoke through water to create essential filtration, diffusion, and optimal flavor.

Fixed downstems have certain benefits and drawbacks compared to removable slide-in downstem versions. They eliminate any issues with the downstem slipping out or losing its seal mid-session. However, a broken fixed downstem can potentially ruin the entire glass piece if unable to remove cleanly. Removable downstems allow much easier cleaning and replacement if damaged.

Fixed downstems uniquely allow glass blowers and designers to elegantly incorporate swooping curves, inverted angles and other ergonomic shaping into their pieces. They also remove the glass on glass sealing surfaces prone to breaking over time. For peace of mind when using your glass, just be very gentle and avoid knocking over or dropping your bong harshly in order to keep its permanantly affixed downstem intact for the long haul.

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