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Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Frit refers to finely crushed or powdered glass used to introduce custom colors, patterns and surface textures when crafting functional glassware including pipes, bongs, marbles, and other smoking devices. Adding frit allows glassblowers to incorporate more elaborate visual flair without compromising durability or function. Frit comes available in a practically endless spectrum of colors and varieties, allowing functional glass artists ample creative freedom to get visually playful with custom fritted creations or color blends they encase within the clear glass matrix. When fused properly, the inert frit remains safely trapped within the surrounding borosilicate glass. One advantage over glass dyes is that frits prep at far lower temperatures, enabling more possibilities. Through careful layering and manipulations of the encased sections with contrasting colors, artistic glassblowers can use frit accents to make mesmerizing marbles, swirling waterscapes, blooming flowers, alien landscapes and other imaginative embellishments without affecting the pipe’s smokability. For creative bong makers aiming to elevate functional devices into art objects, frit unlocks boundless potential.

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