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Full melt

Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Full melt hash represents the absolute highest benchmark grade of artisanal solventless dry sieve hash or water hash. It earns its title by literally fully melting away when heated - leaving behind no residue or contaminants whatsoever - and ranks at the peak as 5 to 6 star hash on common ranking scales.

Full melt's exquisite flawless melt properties stem from advanced mechanical separation techniques that selectively isolate the purest, cleanest cannabis glandular trichome heads from raw plant material through meticulous filtration and agitation. This eventually removes all undesirable contaminants including stalks, fibers and debris that would otherwise cause residue or impede melting. Multiple mesh screens of descending micron sizes allow the hash to be refined into a pristine final product.

Given the extensive labor, expertise, care, and technical precision required to produce, full melt commands a cost premium reflective of its elite status. Discerning connoisseurs rightly praise pure full melt hash for its unmatched smoothness and nuanced flavor translating to the most luxurious and refined dabbing experiences possible. Ultimately nothing compares to the unparalleled potency and purity of perfect full melt hash when processed to perfection.

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