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Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

A greenhouse refers to any transparent enclosed structure used for carefully controlling various environmental factors in order to successfully grow cannabis or other plants, typically by utilizing sunlight as the primary light source while regulating important variables such as ambient temperature, humidity, ventilation, soil moisture, and nutrient availability. Greenhouses allow optimizing and extending outdoor marijuana growing seasons through effective protection from the external environment.

Translucent panels made of glass or plastics like polycarbonate or polyethylene allow natural sunlight to enter and permeate the greenhouse interior while trapping rising heat radiating from exposed soil and plants - creating an artificial isolated climate. Roof vents, wall shutters and automated airflow mechanisms provide manual or automated greenhouse temperature and moisture control. Overall, greenhouse-grown cannabis costs significantly less per watt of yield compared to fully indoor facilities. They also conserve electricity and offer a more eco-friendly, sustainable growing profile since plants primarily rely on the sun's natural rays for energy. However, greenhouse positioning and thoughtful construction techniques are vital for maximizing sunlight exposure essential for robust cannabis photosynthesis and growth. Today's advanced greenhouse systems enable meticulous monitoring and automation of irrigation, pH, EC, CO2 levels, humidity, ventilation, light cycles, moving containerized plants, and fertilizer application.

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