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Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Hand-whipping refers to a technique used when purging residual solvents from butane hash oil (BHO) concentrates that involves intentionally stirring, whipping, and agitating the viscous hash oil by hand while actively purging it, rather than leaving it undisturbed. This agitation manually alters the texture, consistency and appearance of the final purge results. The process of whipping causes the THCA compounds to crash out or crystallize while also releasing any other hydrophobic compounds still stuck in suspension. The terpenes and more volatile components float upwards and separate from the precipitating cannabinoids on the bottom. With enough sustained whipping, the extract takes on an opaque, wax-like consistency, compared to the transparent amber glass of undisturbed shatter. Besides radically changing the end concentrate's consistency, hand-whipping more thoroughly combines compounds to theoretically maximize preserved flavor and aromatic nuance. The intensive agitation helps further liberate and homogenize the most volatile remaining terpenes and flavonoids after initial solvent extraction. When executed well, hand-whipping results in cake budder or whip waxes as opposed to traditional hard shatters.

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