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Hash hole

Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

A hash hole refers to a special technique of inserting a small piece of potent hashish into the middle of an otherwise standard marijuana joint so it burns directly through the joint, leaving behind a telling dark hole in the vertical ash column as you smoke it. Carefully placing a chip of flavorful hash in just the right spot along the joint’s length ensures ideal airflow and an even, thorough burn down to ash. As the pure hash fully combusts through the center, it eats a visible perforating hole down the length of ash left behind by the surrounding flower. Well-cured and sticky flower then fills out the rest of the hollow cylinder down its sides. Overall, hash holes represent an artful way to creatively combine old school hashish techniques with modern top-shelf ice water or solventless hashes for a novel smoking experience. Blending the finest flowers and hashes in new ways keeps cannabis culture dynamic and fun. True innovation often stands on the shoulders of heritage.

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