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Head shop

Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Head shops are specialized retail stores found in many cities catering specifically to cannabis culture and other related counterculture interests and pastimes. They offer an array of accessories geared towards the legal consumption of tobacco as well as functional glass water pipes and myriad hemp-derived products. However, head shops do not sell, distribute or promote the use of any type of illicit or illegal substances directly to customers under the table.

Consumers should be well aware of their own local jurisdictional laws before entering or making any purchases from head shops, as the majority of merchandise is intended for adult use only and often fragile in nature. Discussing illicit substances overtly is also typically taboo in head shops due to the complex legalities surrounding such products on a federal level.

While avoiding the appearance of any overt ties to illegal drug use or distribution, head shops have always served to discreetly provide cannabis users and enthusiasts with an assortment of convenient tools and accessories enabling them to responsibly pursue their hobby behind closed doors, especially premium functional glass water pipes, bubblers and dab rigs which can be legally used with legal dried herb blends. For those pursuing alternative lifestyles, head shops continue to focus on providing innovative consumption-related accessories to their niche demographic.

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