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Heat cleaning

Alana Rossi
August 19, 2023

Heat cleaning a nail refers to applying high heat from a torch to burn away residue built up on the surface of a nail, banger or bucket used for dabbing concentrates after prolonged use. Intense direct torching essentially incinerates and ashes any leftover oils or carbonization, quickly restoring the nail to a cleaner state. However, while fast and effective, this aggressive approach degrades the nail material itself through repeated thermal shock, especially on quartz. It also wastes fuel. To preserve equipment integrity and efficiency, heat cleaning should be limited to occasional deep cleaning rather than standard practice after each dab. Preventing messy buildup in the first place works best. Using directional carb caps and cleaning with cotton swabs between each dab leaves less waste residue to deal with later. When done judiciously, heat cleaning can quickly rejuvenate used nails and keep your rig in top form.

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